What is automation? Bots? Autolikers? Automation basically saves your time and effort while providing you with reasonably good results, as if you were doing it manually. There is nothing new or strange or weird in social media automation, these techniques have been around since the first appearance of Twitter. RoboIG is an Instagram automation tool that will provide your account with an organic growth of real followers, that are truly engaged in content you post.

Why Organic Growth?

This is a truly interesting question. Should you use automation or just buy followers? Even though we are an automation software company our answer is - it all depends on your goals.

If you just need a number, simply a number of followers then go right ahead and buy them. This will save you time, money and effort spent on setting up good automation tools. These followers will not engage with your posts, they will not stay with you for a long time, they won't reflect your product, your account, your desired audience in any way. But if you just need a big nice number on your page - that's the better way to go. We don't want you to be disappointed in our service, so if these are your goals you should look at buying followers.

You must understand that automation is still a tedious process and will not yield astonishing results in a few weeks. Your followers growth will be slow. Especially if you're starting from ground zero. Correct automation setup may require some fine tuning and tinkering with targeting parameters by you. You will also need to research your target audience, understand them, know how to reach them. Then you need to keep an eye on your account's dynamics and draw conclusions on how efficient your targeting was. RoboIG does its best to assist you and provide you with the right tools, but in the end we are just a tool in your hands. Your success greatly depends on how you use our automation.

So if you truly want an engaged audience, followers that are in love with your account and genuinely endorse you - automation is the only way to go. It may be slower, but in the long run it will attract your perfect audience.

Performed Actions

We are doing exactly what you would be doing on Instagram - we like, follow, comment, unfollow and send direct messages. We maximize our efforts to simulate real user behavior as closely as possible with our automation algorithm. We are using Instagram on your behalf as if you were using it.

RoboIG's Statistics

As a shorter summary of our work we provide basic statistics on the dashboard of what's going on in your account. We report how many likes, follows, comments, unfollows we performed. How many new followers you gained after signing up with us, how many users unfollowed you. By monitoring these stats you can also chose what targeting method works best for your account and your audience.

Proprietary Content Filter

RoboIG has a built in content filter to help your account interact with more relevant content, like good photos, follow respectful Instagram users and not inappropriate or potentially suspicious ones. We rely heavily on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in this filter to provide top-class safety for your account. This filter is built deep into our algorithm, it is already working for all accounts that use RoboIG. We do not allow you to turn it off.

Tags Targeting

We target the hashtags that you set. We completely emulate real user activity by searching for posts under these hashtags. We like and follow real people that post content and fit into your target audience. This drives the people you want to your account giving you organic followers and likes. Put as many tags as you would like or as few. We will randomly cycle through those tags.

Users Targeting

We have two different modes for targeting your audience through users.

Favorite Users: This might as well be called a "stalker" mode. We will emulate behavior of a true fan, of a really dedicated follower. We will like and comment every photo posted by these users. And we will never unfollow them.

Celebrities: In this mode RoboIG will randomly pick a user from your list, go through its followers, select one of them and like their posts, leave comments and follow them (depending on your settings). This can work well if your target audience is following some popular accounts. If some celebrity is their common interest. If they share a common hobby and follow accounts related to it.

Location Targeting

We can also target posts in given locations. This can help reach out to your audience if it's mostly geographically based. This works perfectly for local businesses.


We give you the ability to filter out content you don't want to interact with. On top of our content filter you can use your own blacklists to limit and filter out undesirable posts. You can filter out both undesired users and posts with undesired hashtags.

RoboIG's Transparency

We always give you an overview of what our bot has done on your behalf, what photos we liked, what users we followed etc. You can monitor your account's actions directly from RoboIG dashboard. If you have a need to double check our work - you can always do it in Instagram app, when logged in you'll see all images liked by your account.

Safety Rules

We suggest and insist that you read our Guide that gives detailed instructions on how you can minimize the risks of getting blocked on Instagram, as well as Instruction that explains how to act in the very unlikely event of getting blocked.